Trade and logistics

Users of tools supplied for the trade and logistics sectors include, for example, sellers, warehouse employees, pilots, conductors and haulers.

Kauko is responding to the shift in the retail sector, to cost-effectiveness requirements and to the need for increased data management by supplying equipment as well as applications and solutions to digitalize work tasks. This enables staff to perform data searches, read barcodes and carry out payments while on the move. The solutions also offer digital tools to support sales promotion and e-business.

Mobile logistical work, where the employee must handle an increasing amount of matters on the go, requires tools that enable disruption-free connections, as well as real-time monitoring capabilities and access to critical systems. Usability is crucial and the equipment must also be able to withstand round-the-clock use, impacts, vibrations and extreme temperatures, and they must be easily mountable to the vehicles’ docking stations and easily portable.

In field conditions and logistics, the user may face situations where the device, user interface or connections with background systems or sensors do not function optimally. Kauko provides engineering assistance in these kinds of environments. The system design can also include improving the user experience, the service design and prototypes that make use of the customer’s own data. The objective is to optimise the user experience and business benefits.