Experts of demanding work environments

For professionals working at any location and hour, Kauko innovates and creates seamlessly functioning digital solutions with a combination of devices, software and services that meet end-user needs.

Fieldwork Kauko Oy

Equipment, software and services designed for fieldwork in tough conditions

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Healthcare Kauko Oy
Medical IT and Healthtech

Medical IT devices and services for hospital environments and healthtech technologies for corporations.

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AV Technology Kauko Oy
AV Technology

Long-lasting and cost-efficient AV technology solutions with top class image quality 

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Security Kauko Oy

Reliably monitor and analyse the safety of your property, events and other environments

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Seamless functionality makes for productive work

Looking for a partner that is specialized in customized hardware and software solutions for demanding work conditions and society's critical functions? We are an innovative product developer for a broad client base, knowing profoundly the specific requirements of each industry.

We will walk the extra mile to provide you with the most intelligent solutions in your industry that make your work effortless and efficient. When choosing and implementing any new technology, our goal is to optimise both the end-user experience and your business benefits, making your organisation more productive.

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In mobile work the employee must handle an increasing amount of matters on the go. This requires tools that enable disruption-free connections, as well as real-time monitoring capabilities and access to critical systems. Usability is crucial and the equipment must also be able to withstand round-the-clock use, impacts, vibrations and extreme temperatures. They must be easily mountable to the vehicles’ docking stations and easily portable.

Kauko is responding to cost-effectiveness requirements and to the need for increased data management by supplying equipment as well as applications and solutions to digitalize and streamline work tasks. This enables staff e.g. to perform data searches, read barcodes and take measurements while on the move. 

In field conditions, the user may face situations where the device, user interface or connections with background systems or sensors do not function optimally. Kauko provides engineering assistance in these kinds of environments. The system design can also include improving the user experience, the service design and prototypes that make use of the customer’s own data. 


Fieldwork software, solutions, services & products

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Medical IT and Healthtech

We deliver digital solutions that make the work of healthcare professionals easier and improve patient safety. Our tailored packages fulfill the strict electrical safety, hygiene, operational reliability and ergonomic requirements of hospital environments. The equipment function disruption-free under all conditions and guarantee patient safety.

Our solutions broaden the opportunities for remote treatment and free up time for personalised service. They meet the requirements for ever-faster and more cost-effective treatment. 

We also develop the well-being and health safety of work environments throughout all industries, taking into account the needs of people and their work environments. We help companies to find and use healthtech technologies to improve occupational safety and the well-being of their employees and customers.

Medical IT and healthtech solutions, services & products

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AV Technology

When designing immersive audiovisual experiences and event or conference projections, we want you to get the most out of your AV equipment. We will consult you on the luminosity, resolution and mounting location of the equipment and help you take into account room-specific characteristics in different recording and presentation needs.

Since 1969 Kauko has represented Panasonic in Finland. Their projectors, screens, cameras, live switchers and mixers, and recording devices last long when mounted and maintained in the correct manner. The image quality in Panasonic products is top-of-the-line.

We work with expert AV technology partners to deliver long-lasting and cost-efficient solutions, whether it be a single product you're looking for, or an entire AV control system.


Professional AV solutions, services and products

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For functions such as police, that are critical to society, and public spaces such as sporting events, where a great number of people are present, surveillance solutions must be reliable and durable. We will help you build a surveillance system that allows you to respond to threats more efficiently, and that complies with current regulations.

Kauko supplies complete packages for real-time communication between work management and staff in the field, as well as disruption-free image and sound transmission, which help ensure constant real-time status reporting. We import and market video surveillance products and systems such as IP and analog surveillance systems, video door phone systems, analysis software, as well as monitors and projectors designed for control room use.

When you wish to improve the safety of your property, we will help set up the video surveillance system, select proper equipment and determine safe and appropriate mounting locations for them. 

Security systems, solutions, services & products

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Making your workday effortless

Kauko is a visionary thought leader with a mission: we aim to make your work effortless, allowing you to grow business through better productivity. 

We innovate and create top-of-the-range solutions that are designed with the user in mind. With our network of partners, we will construct a combination of software, services and equipment that function seamlessly together and grow with the needs of your business. 



For working heroes in demanding environments

When the well-being and safety of humans is on the line, you can't afford to compromise on tools. Experts working in mobile environments appreciate an office they can use on the move, and that can take even rough handling. 

For everyday productivity

In tough situations, equipment cannot freeze up. Data must be delivered in a way that supports targets and actions. When systems function flawlessly in all environments, the satisfied and productive employee can focus on the issue at hand. 

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