On the move. In the know.

Kauko is specialized in demanding field conditions and to society in terms of critical functions of customized hardware and software solutions. We are also a leading provider of energy efficiency improvement solutions. Kauko is an innovative product developer for broad client base, who knows profoundly the specific requirements of each industry.



Kauko facilitates the work of healthcare professionals by providing equipment and service solutions that are tailored for critical care environments and mobile knowledge work.

Kauko innovates and builds complete packages that fulfil strict electricity safety, hygiene, operational reliability and ergonomic requirements around the world-class hospital products it represents. The equipment must function disruption-free under all conditions and guarantee patient safety. The solutions also broaden the opportunities for remote treatment and free up time for personalised service. They additionally meet the requirements for ever-faster and more cost-effective treatment.

For its customers, Kauko is a solution developer and an additional resource with profound knowledge of both strict industry standards and its customers’ individual needs. On that foundation, Kauko builds ready solutions that are perfectly suited to each operating environment - now and in the future. For example, Kauko’s innovative mobile hospital cart improves hospitals’ operational efficiency and use of space, and it enhances employee comfort and safety.

Trade and logistics

Users of tools supplied for the trade and logistics sectors include, for example, sellers, warehouse employees, pilots, conductors and haulers.

Kauko is responding to the shift in the retail sector, to cost-effectiveness requirements and to the need for increased data management by supplying equipment as well as applications and solutions to digitalize work tasks. This enables staff to perform data searches, read barcodes and carry out payments while on the move. The solutions also offer digital tools to support sales promotion and e-business.

Mobile logistical work, where the employee must handle an increasing amount of matters on the go, requires tools that enable disruption-free connections, as well as real-time monitoring capabilities and access to critical systems. Usability is crucial and the equipment must also be able to withstand round-the-clock use, impacts, vibrations and extreme temperatures, and they must be easily mountable to the vehicles’ docking stations and easily portable.

Fieldwork and industry

Installers, maintenance technicians, production managers and mechanics are examples of professionals for whom Kauko’s tools, which meet the tough requirements of field work, are essential.

Digitalisation opens up opportunities to improve work efficiency and productivity. Employees on the production line of an industrial company, for example, require devices that are easily portable, as well as digital forms to support quality control and work-hour monitoring. Equipment installed and maintained in extreme field conditions are becoming increasingly complicated, which highlights the importance of data management and increased reporting. In field work, the equipment also typically requires more extensive special connections than usual.

Among Kauko’s strengths are its in-depth understanding of fieldwork processes and the customers’ processes in industrial sectors, and the ability to offer exactly right multi-purpose and lasting equipment combinations to support flexible and efficient work.

Security services and authorities

IT solutions for functions that are critical to society, such as police and fire services, and military facilities, must be, above all, reliable and durable. When it comes to the needs of authorities, the effective application of geographical information and task assignment are also highlighted.

Kauko supplies complete packages for real-time communication between work management and staff in the field, as well as disruption-free image and sound transmission, which help ensure constant real-time status reporting.

The tools are also easy to integrate with the vehicle’s overall systems, and the dockable terminals can be flexibly moved in the field.

Energy solutions

Kauko is an experienced provider of solutions that improve energy efficiency, such as heat pumps, solar power and energy accumulators. The company supplies wholesalers, distributors and contractors with solutions to meet the needs of consumers and industrial properties.

Kauko’s strength is its representation of one of the market-leading air-source heat pump brands, always ensuring the availability of equipment that makes use of the latest technology.

Kauko has grown into a major operator and expert as a supplier of solar power solutions. The company’s competitive edge lies in its ability to quickly deliver solar power solutions, assembled from components it has imported itself, from its own warehouse. Kauko is a safe choice and a forerunner that responds with excellence to the requirements for sustainability and energy efficiency in this growing field.