On the move. In the know.

When knowledge work is required regardless of place and time, Kauko innovates and creates seamlessly functioning digital solutions for top professionals, based on devices and software.



For our working heroes

Experts working in mobile environments appreciate an office they can use on the move, and that can take even rough handling. Professionals working in sectors critical for society need tools that will not freeze up. It’s all about safeguarding people’s health and well-being.

In the hands of the user

In tough situations, you can’t afford to compromise on tools. Data must be harnessed to serve its user in order to effectively support targets and actions. When systems and the work environment are in order, the satisfied and productive employee can focus on the key issue. Kauko puts top-of-the-range solutions in the hands of the user. Kauko is a visionary forerunner who helps bring their customers success.

Your friend in the field

Kauko is prepared to go the extra mile. With its solid professional skills, this seasoned operator builds the most intelligent solutions in the field. Kauko is an agile and flexible player, always at your side, securing your work. Kauko will not let you down.