Kauko’s German subsidiary Kauko GmbH is specialized in Engineering, Manufacturing and Design Medical PC’s, Isolators. And various hospital ICT solutions.

Kauko GmbH is a manufacturer of medical PCs with expertise in IEC60601-1 and IEC60601-1-2 certification and tailoring to integrate them with medical devices. We will design a PC together with you according to your wishes with the correct size and the components of your choice. We know the life spans of different PC and special components and the effect of MDD regulations on design. Efficient and well-designed devices with passive cooling add to the life span of the main device and to end-customer satisfaction.

The assemblies can be designed as an integrated unit to be placed in the space provided inside the medical device or as a separate unit with arm mounting. A PC can also include a screen. The designed PC is certified by us in a separately authorised test facility in accordance with jointly agreed principles.

Reliable and transparent cooperation

We supply a solution and understand your business environment. We are the reliable partner who adapts to your needs.

Our know-how is based on a strong team that works together seamlessly. We have experience in varies companies in your field: different types of hospital, hospital districts and end-users. Our products and solutions have been developed in collaboration with all of them.




Kauko is part of Aspo Group

Our owner, Aspo, is a conglomerate focusing on sectors that require extensive, specialist knowledge. Aspo owns and develops leading corporate brands on the B-to-B markets. All of Aspo’s brands play a key role in their customers’ changing value chains. Current business areas include shipping, chemicals, baking ingredients and baking machine manufacture, and Kauko that specializes in mobile knowledge work. Aspo is listed on the OMXH stock exchange and our net sales come to EUR 500 million. Aspo’s customer relationships are enduring partnerships based on trust. Aspo operates in northern Europe and the East’s growth markets.