Mobile nursing cart

The mobile nursing cart is a point-of-care medical tool for nurses. We have observed that much information is still being written down on paper and later entered in patient data systems in small offices with six other employees cramped together and three more employees waiting in the line. In addition, department storage rooms have a computer for order handling that is used only for 2 to 3 hours a week. One mobile nursing cart replaces various PC’s used in offices and departments. 

Mobile nursing cart by imotion on Sketchfab

The solution to this situation is the mobile nursing cart. The cart contains a point-of-care panel PC with a battery that lasts for roughly one hour. It is a mobile work station that allows you to set up where you want. The PC does not need to be turned off when you move the cart and make brief data entries in a patient’s room. The point-of-care mobile nursing cart is electrically safe for you and the patient.

Thanks to the day cart, nurses are no longer tied to knowledge work in the office and paper entries are a thing of the past.

No compromises have been made in the work ergonomics of the nursing cart. The highly adjustable cart is light and easy to move, in addition to being hygienic and easy to clean. It was intended for use by nurses and was designed with their wishes in mind.