Mobile hospital cart 

The hospital cart was designed for long hospital ward rounds made by doctors or nurses. The lithium iron phosphate life battery represents the latest technology. Operation time 12 – 24 hours depending on usage and applications. 

Mobile hospital cart by imotion on Sketchfab

Desinged solutions

The mobile hospital cart was designed entirely on users’ terms, with ergonomics as one of the key criteria; so it doesn’t matter if the user is four or six feet tall.

When using patient data systems, it is important that the monitor displays the information clearly, that it is easy to make entries and that the work position is comfortable. After the first mobile carts were introduced, our customers told us that their doctors were coming in to work earlier in order to claim the newer model of hospital cart. Those who arrived later were left the older-generation models, which do not have the same features.

Wireless connections require a good signal to the WLAN base station. We invested in a high-quality antenna in the optimal location. The connection to the system is maintained and the work carries on uninterrupted.

The mobile hospital cart has an agile medical point-of-care work station (EN60601-1- and EN60601-1-2-compliant) with passive cooling. It does not spread hospital bacteria in the ward from one room and patient to another.

Precisely at the appointed time and place

We deliver the hospital cart pre-assembled to the agreed location. With pre-agreed delivery models, the cart is ready to use in an instant.