Critical care cart 

The critical care cart is a work station for demanding points of care, such as operating rooms, intensive care and anesthesia. Such rooms are often very cramped, and data is entered close to the patient. The environment is very demanding for work stations due to humidity, secretions and varying temperatures.
The PC in the critical care cart can be connected to several different medical devices that send measurement values to the PC. In terms of patient safety, it is important that the devices connected to the patient fulfil all of the regulations of the point of care. Laws and regulations have also been introduced to protect the users.

Surgery in itself is already a big risk for patients, and they should not be exposed to any extra risks. The patient is in weaker condition during and after surgery and is vulnerable to all types of infections. The hospital must protect the patient. Eliminating risks is crucial – minimizing them is not enough. The critical care cart is the answer to such an environment. It is a hygienic, highly effective tool for demanding point-of-care environments. Since surgery can last several hours, the medical staff’s working conditions are a very important factor. Customer feedback has been an essential criterion in further developing the critical care cart.

Critical care cart with one display

Emergency medical cart by imotion on Sketchfab

Critical care cart with two displays

Emergency medical cart with two monitors by imotion on Sketchfab