CliniQ Si-M for computer use in hospitals

CliniQ Si-M is the most effective point-of-care work station on the market. It is a passive cooling and hygienic PC with Intel’s 6th Generation processors. The life cycle of the model is intended for industrial use. The hospital ICT department can create an image for the model that does not need to be changed for the next five years. This brings process efficiency and guarantees a safe operating environment for hospitals and their back-up devices.

Cliniq Si-M PC for hospital use

CliniQ Si-M is intended for demanding patient data systems, and anesthesia, hospital ERP and operating room planning systems, such as CA, Clinisoft, Opera, Caresoft and patient data systems. Several applications can be run simultaneously on the machine and multiple displays can be used at the same time. This helps reduce the total number of machines at the point of care.

The equipment has many types of interface possibilities that take into account the long life cycle of the medical equipment and the requirements of future medical devices entering the market. A medical device may be needed for as long as 20 to 30 years, and it must support these products as well.

Si-M is intended for demanding 24/7 use as a hospital PC.