Kauko facilitates the work of healthcare professionals by providing equipment and service solutions that are tailored for critical care environments and mobile knowledge work.

Kauko innovates and builds complete packages that fulfil strict electricity safety, hygiene, operational reliability and ergonomic requirements around the world-class hospital products it represents. The equipment must function disruption-free under all conditions and guarantee patient safety. The solutions also broaden the opportunities for remote treatment and free up time for personalised service. They additionally meet the requirements for ever-faster and more cost-effective treatment.

For its customers, Kauko is a solution developer and an additional resource with profound knowledge of both strict industry standards and its customers’ individual needs. On that foundation, Kauko builds ready solutions that are perfectly suited to each operating environment - now and in the future. For example, Kauko’s innovative mobile hospital cart improves hospitals’ operational efficiency and use of space, and it enhances employee comfort and safety.