Finnair trusts Panasonic Toughpad in its aircrafts

Kauko Oy - Sep 22, 2016 12:27:21 PM

Finnair has acquired approximately 150 Toughpad FZ-G1 tablets for use in its aircrafts. In narrow-body Airbus aircrafts, there are two tablets for the cockpit and one for the cabin crew. In wide-body Airbus aircrafts used for longhaul flights, three tablets are provided for the cockpit and one for the cabin crew.

"The Toughpad is what we call an electronic flight bag or EFB," Finnair technical pilot Timo Seppälä explains. "The pilots' tablets contain things such as airport navigation charts, technical manuals - which would fill over 10,000 pages if printed - and various applications required by the pilots."

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Toughpad is the train driver's new friend

Kauko Oy - Sep 22, 2016 10:58:15 AM

VR Group has taken 1,300 Toughpad tablets into use. The Toughpad devices replace the drivers' paper timetables, work instructions and manuals.

"In practice, we no longer need paper in our work at all. We now have all the work-related material in electronic form. We start the shift with the Toughpad by signing in and receive the timetables and all the train-related information in the device. On the train, the tablet is in constant use", says train driver Erkki Kauranen.

Each engine has a docking station that keeps the Toughpad device available and in clear view as conveniently as possible - usually directly in front of the driver.

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